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clutch help


In Second Gear
HI Please can some one advise me what to do?? My 99 1.8 freelander has developed an intermitent fault with the clutch as sometimes the pedal will not return back up and this in turn if sat at lights etc makes car go in gear only way to stop it is to stall await time to set off them restart and then put foot under pedal lift up and all ok but have to return pedal after most changes. Sorry its long winded but totally frustrated and needing help
Stebec:) :confused: :eek:
Hello stebec welcome to the forum :)

The Freelander clutch kit is a single unit that comprises the master cylinder (no.1 in the pic), pipework (no.2) and slave cylinder (no.16). If you open the bonnet you will see the master cylinder against the bulkhead, it is directly attached to your clutch pedal. Follow the pipework down and you will come to the slave, which is fixed to the flywheel/clutch housing.

The part number for the kit is STC100280. You could get one from a main dealer but that is the most expensive option; online, the part is listed by Autopost, and LR Centre. Beamends also list it but they have just stopped doing mail order :( Pity, they gave a good service.

Just one thing - I think it is possible for the slave cylinder clip (no.16) to break. Maybe this is the problem. The part number for the clip is UUD100030L, although I'm sure if you search the forums someone has effected a repair with elastic bands and blocks of wood :D
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To get the master cylinder out, you remove the pin in the pedal ( a bit of a pain, more than difficult) then twist the cylinder and pull it out, into the engine bay.

It's a square hole and a square on the cylinder. When you put it back in, make sure the thing is fully turned home, or it flies out when you least expect it.

You could also make sure the cylinder end clip hasn't come out ( pedal /push rod area), that stops it returning. You need to take the cylinder off to do it. I refitted one a while ago and it is still running OK. Save you £50 if it works.;)

I think the TD4 one is a separate master cylinder and is about £100. I had the same problem and now its ok after I got a new master cylinder fitted.

Its still a bit of a clunky gearchange though.
cheers have looked at various points mentioned to no avail so ordered new part and awaiting delivery thank you all for your help
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