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Clutch problems Series 3


In Fourth Gear
Occasionaly when taking up the clutch pedal in either 1st or reverse, the whole truck judders violently, it does not matter much if I give the gas a bit of welly, and the problem does not happen when moving up or down the gears. When driving along there are no bad noises and nothing seems to shake or wobble.

Is the clutch on the way out?
Or worse?
Hello there tagnut! What you are describing is classic for clutch judder,ie. being felt in 1st or reverse. Most common causes are loose or broken engine/gearbox mountings and oil contamination of the clutch itself.:rolleyes:
The judder can also be caused by imbalance of the clutch itself, which invariably has to be replaced. You need to inspect the face of the flywheel as this can be so badly damaged as to require re-facing or replacing.
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