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How Do I? cones


Extreme Landy Fan
on the back of Betty, i have disclocation cones at the top.......could i use the same cones and put them on the bottom.(on the axle)....?
The spring should be held onto the axle by a securing plate, so no need for a bottom cone. The cone is attached to the top spring chassis mount to guide the spring back in when dislocating (as the spring only sits in this mountand gravity keeps the chassis on it).

So I guess you could put the cone on the bottom and secure the spring to the top mount...but why?

PS I'll have a strawberry mivi
well when they pop out and then sit back they don't half make a row...its like BIG BEN with all the donging going on.....our ice cream man comitted suicide........yep he topped himself...
I had the stainless steel type cones, they were ever so noisy, just in normal road use they would groan and moan.

Whilst on the Billing off road course last year we had 2 marshalls come running round the corner wondering what the hell had happened, they sound like a shotgun going off when they do their job.

So I changed mine for the 'pointy' type ones, still fix to the top but silent in use.
I was watching umm 'A 4x4 is born' some time last week.. And i liked the sliding spring relocation thingies they had on there.. Looked expensive though!
Ada, you do make me laugh :D

Worried about a little MORE noise in a land rover once in awhile :D

Keep em coming :D

(i have the same cones, and yes they do, but atleast you know they are doing what they are supposed to do)
ada110crew said:
our ice cream man comitted suicide........yep he topped himself...

Let me guess, police found him in the back of his van covered in flakes, 100's and 1000's and strawberry sauce, right;):D

Cheers, Ben
Your type of cones.... no..

Buy some proper QT ones!!!
Axle will always locate correctly (natural arc) - and will do it silently!!!



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