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Credit Cards - Question


Big Landy Fan
Brought some stuff on my credit card a few months ago, but still haven't seen the amount on my statement - now when I brought the stuff the shop's computer had failed so were using the manual card and credit slip machine thingy (who is old enough to remember those).

Anyway, anyone know how long it is before they can't submit it to my credit card company - abit like the six month thingy for cheques?
This problem is still quite common round here mainly rural petrol stations (if they still exist) they often lose there phone line . They either close, accept cash only or do manual card slips, worth checking before you fill up although most will warn you.

I kept a full log and have several going back a few months although none more than 3 months, told by credit card company will query those over 6 months

The cards to watch for are those which have no enbossed letters ie not raised as they will not show up, you could write the details out but most will not accept.

One garage told me that when the internet "went down" they were told to phone though each transaction, differcult when the phone is down and in an area of no mobile signals!

Know a garage owner who says he gets a least 1 car a day "impounded" due to credit card failure worth carrying cash as an emercency
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