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Anybody what is this some diy or wath
Can you help a friend he wan'ts to buy this thing sorry LR
i do believe its diy from a 2a & Series III and lighting from a Forward Control part off Santana ??????
Correct me iff i am wrong;)


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hehe it's a Series II, most probablya II and not a IIA.

i think the 'butcher' cut the inside out the breakfast along the lines of the 3 square holes but the circular openings of the II's headlights can still be seen at the top corners :)

add a piece of galvanised bbq grill for a mesh and a horrible excuse for a bumper ...

then comes the quad headlights and their surrounding reinforcement panels .. those actually dont look that bad :eek:

it's the bumper that sticks out sorely though imo :eek:

cannot see any SIII in it though ... high sills, II's door hingis and narrow windscreen hinges ...

wonder where the sidelight/indicator combos came from!
There's no accounting for taste!!:D
Doesn't look like there is much series 3 in there. A pair of wings, a bumper and a centre panel should see it right again.
I agree with the last post in that it is prob a series 2. The bulkhead looks good in the top corners which is a common area for rot to settle.
Any pics of the inside?
Try to find a VIN-no (or chassisno) Maybe on the instruction plate on the bulkhead with instructions for the gearbox (if it's still there) or at the chassis-member above the righthand front leafspring...
or on the registration or insurance papers :)

If you find this number you can find a lot of info on the net...

Definately SII - look at the radii in the top corners for the rad grille; that's where the lights used to be. The windscreen hinges, wipers and side sills are also SII giveaways. Like was said, a new pair of front wing panels (just the front panels, not the whole wings) new rad panel and bumper would return it to standard.
Not my taste, but at least it'll be easy to identify if it ever were to get stolen.

Stolen? Who would ever want to steal something like this?
However I must admit there is something appealing in this post-nuclear-looking (mis)concept...

The Series 2A was introduced in 1962, making it entirely possible that it is infact a 2A.


I'd keep it as it is, maybe change the odd part like the bumper as it's certainly different. There's got to be some sort of story behind it ending up like that too... Should draw the attention of people at shows and the likes!
There's got to be some sort of story behind it ending up like that too..

Probably the old lamps rotted away and thats what the chap had lying around his garage, if its a work hack all that it needs to be is legal. Same diff with the grill, old one fell off, got damaged, replace it with something...

Really hope it wasn't someones idea of improvement but hey, each to his own :)
On a second look, it apears to have runners to allow a board to be dropped between the wings infont of the rad, maybe for cooler seasons?

Actually maybe the hedlamps had to be moved from the central grill because of a board they dropped infront of the rad, maybe it had some signage or something and needed the lights in the wings?

Else PO was just mad :)
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