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decat for freelander xedi/ shuddering hippo


Accelerating Away
i was looking on ebay and i was thinking about buying a decat for my hippo it says in the advert that it will give me 8bhp more and i will have no problems when it comes to mot.s has anyone tried one and will i have any problems with the engin management sistem.i have also got a problem with my hippo it will not drive straight it keeps going to the left their is a noise on the left hand side now and agen but i have checked bearings ball joints and their is no play at all on the wheel and the car dose have a bit of a shudder at 1700 rpm could this be the left hand side engin mounting or the tie rod any help wud be most welcom
Decat pipe does work well apparently. Check out the rover mg forums. They are alwasy praised on there.

Your vibration thing sounds exactly the same as mine. I also have noticed that my car is pulling to the left as well! I too have no play in the bearings but I do have a track rod end that is worn. I'lbe replacing this on Sunday, weather permitting, and will let you know if it cures teh problem. Howver, the curent suspect is engine mounts///
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