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Defender digital tachograph

I do not see why you cannot fit them, after all several Analogue types were fitted in the past.

Probably best contact your local tacho fitting station and ask direct.
We currantly use analogue tachographs but there seems to be a prolem with the fitting of digital tacho's any help would be gratefully recieved.
Land Rover say they are working on getting a digital tacho. I've included the relevant bulletin for info


  • tacho.pdf
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I had a vehicle pulled just before Christmas. Was informed that it should have a tacho fitted and in use at that time. But, cant fit one, so catch 22. :rolleyes:

Land Rover just released this update, hope its of help to some of you.


  • tacho.pdf
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Anything with a weight of greater than 3.5 ton, so if your towing behind a landy, you could well need a tacho...

Just been talking to VOSA about tacho's, when they need to be used bla bla bla...

only for business use though right?

To be honest i never pacifically asked, but it may well be that anything no matter what could need one, it is all to do with new european union law, anything over 3.5 ton is now lgv/hgv and must be tachoed, with a few exceptions for works vehicles ie drainage/gas/medical/fire/police/military/water...

I called VOSA, they were really helpfull and gave very good answers to any questions, to be honest if in doubt, PHONE, cause if you do need one and you get pulled over by the old bill, they dont accept ignorance as an excuse...

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