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General Defender Service schedule Part 1

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Big Landy Fan
Defender Service schedule. (Also please read the tools advice in the Articles)

This schedule should do all Tdi models and others except TD5.
I also suggest you keep a record of the service.
If you are "off roading" or green laning then I suggest you do this service more frequently.

Every 6,000 miles or six months.


Drain and Renew engine oil.

Fit new oil filter.

Check clutch fluid level.

Check power steering fluid level.

Check coolant level and SG of coolant.

Check and adjust valve clearances.

Check and clean/renew air cleaner element.

Check and adjust engine idle speed.

Check condition of brake shoes and drums

Check brake wheel cylinders for leaks.

Check and adjust brake adjustment.

Check the condition of brake pads and discs.

Check brake callipers for leaks.

Check operation of handbrake.

Check handbrake adjustment.

Lubricate handbrake linkage.

Check operation of all door bonnet and tailgate locks.

Lubricate all hinges and locks including the fuel filler.

Check the condition of the crankcase breather.

Check the condition of all auxilary belts and adjust if required.

Check and if necessary top up the main gearbox oil level.

Check and if necessary top up the transfer box oil level.

Check and top up the overdrive oil level[if fitted]

Check and if necessary top up the front and rear differential oil level.

Check and if necessary top up the swivel housing oil level.Note.If filled with oil.

Lubricate the rear suspension upper balljoint where required.

Check all propeller bolts for security.

Lubricate all universal joints.

Lubricate propeller shaft sliding joints.

Check the cooling system and heater system hoses for security and damage.

Check all underbody brake pipes including flexible ones,fuel and clutch pipes for damage leaks and condition.

Check ALL steering components including hydraulic pipes for wear,damage,leaks and condition.

Check and lubricate steering shaft universal joints.

Check and if required adjust wheel[hub] bearings.

Check that all axle and gearbox breathers are clear of obstructions and damage.

Clean fuel sedimenter if fitted.

Check and repair if necessary the operation of all lights and switches.

Check condition of tyres.Note tread depth and adjust if necessary tyre pressures.

Road test.

Renew brake fluid every 18,000 miles.
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