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Defender TD5

110 John

Ive a TD5 Defender and noticed the heater plug lamp on the dash is only staying on for 4-5 seconds and bad at starting when cold any pointers ie relay etc
Not too familiar with TD5s but I remember a trick with old diesel Opels was to wait about two or three seconds after the light goes out before starting to crank. I think the glow plugs keep heating after the light goes out to aid a cold idle. Worth a try, its no cure just a test.
The glow plug light on mine only stays on for a few seconds, but the starting is instant regardless of temperature. I'm sure that on modern diesels, the glow plugs are supposed to actually stay on whilst the engine is running for a short while - to help combustion & give less exhaust smoke. Maybe there is a timer of some sort or else a temperature sensor which has failed in your case. The other possibility is that the light on the dash comes on, but the glow plugs simply fail to work.
Not mine Im afraid i have to give it full throttle to start. Ive tried waiting after but to no avail. Starts every time when warm its done 111k dont know if the timer relay is going off too early or I have glo plugs off or another problem TD5 owners please????????????
Hi there,
With my Td5 the length of time the glow plug light stays on does vary considerably with the outside air temperature. On a very cold morning the plugs heat for longer.

My understanding from the workshop manual is that the length of time they heat for depends on engine temperature (whether oil or coolant I'm not sure) so there should be a sensor somewhere providing this info. And yes, the plugs do stay on for a while after starting to aid a cold idle - but the light does not come on during this phase.

If your heater plugs are consistently on for a short period only it might well be the temperature sensor controlling them that has failed.


2006 90 Td5 XS
Sounds like you need to find someone with a testbook or rovacom, should tell you straight away what problem is. TD5s should fire up instantly with no throttle input.
could be fuel related the fuel pump might need the time to prime the system.
when you switch the ignition on the pump should run for a couple of seconds and then stop, when you start it the pump should run again.

another thing to check is the fuel regulator valve isn't leaking
it is located on the drivers side of the engine (RHD!)
remove the top cover and look down towards the back of the head below the engine lifting eye
you will see a projection on the side of the head with two black pipes and a temp sender on it, looks like to pics. Look down beyond it if there is a film of diesel on the block/bell-housing this could be you problem, you will also get a whiff of hot diesel after a run!
its about £77+vat and fiddly to fit!


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