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Diesel glow plugs



Hopefully this is an easy answer for someone. When I goto warm the glow plugs up on the ignition switch, the orange light doesn't glow. When I turn the starter over the orange light then glows. Why is that?


If its gone like it all of a sudden then its a duff switch, or if its always been like it i would say that the wires are on the wrong terminals on the ignition switch. I.E. main feed is on what should be the glowplug outlet terminal.:)
I've only just bought the landrover so? I'll have a look at the switch, that sounds about right or likely that could be the cause. Do I take it right then that the glowplugs are only working when I'm turning the starter over?
If you have the early type, then there is a coiled resistor on the bulkhead..if the plugs are working in the keys heat position this will get hot too, and possibly even glow. Get somebody to turn the key while you watch, then you'll know.
Well.... this was kinda easier than I thought it would be. It was the switch, It will click the engine stop back in when I turn the key but it won't stay on number II of the lock barrel. If though I turn the switch carefully I can get the glow plugs working just a bit before starting the engine. Something to look at at some point but at least I can get it working easily enough.

It does have an early resistor in the engine bay. Does it make a good difference putting the 12v glow plugs in and taking the resistor out compared to keeping the 6v ones?

And one more question.... the wiring appears newish.... what is the difference between the 6v and 12v glow plugs so I can check in case they're put 12v plugs in but kept the resistor?
Have a look here.. The differences are really easy to see, the late style earth through the block, and they have no isulators that can be easiely seen.

I'm not sure which I prefer... I have the old style in as I got a box of them for pennies....I had the later style but lost one. Didnt know until the weather got below freezing, and it started on 3 pots. At least if you lose one of the early ones, you know all about it!
I'll have a look at the plugs and I guess make a decision depending on what condition they're in. There's no rush which is good.

Thanks for your help everyone, much appreciated! Especially as I'm always asking questions on this site! :)
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