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Diesel leaking from Injectors.


In Third Gear
Has anyone had an unstoppable leak, the fuel lines that plug into the injectors were a bit loose and losing some diesel, tightened them up and it stopped, all except for some seeping around the no 3 injector. ive now done about 200km in the car and its now leaking worse than ever, if i pull the injector out am i likely to find something or is there something i am missing?


Not sure if it's the same, but when this happened on my 110, it was the pipe itself that had cracked, where it goes into the union to the injector. New pipe is a helluva lot cheaper than a new injector!
Thats what it was. my mechanic had replaced the same pipe itself last week, but had just used a rubber one as opposed to braided. its held out ok for a week and then let go, so ive got a proper braided one on order for it. new rubber one to keep me going in the meantime and hopefully my list of repairs can start to slow down a bit.
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