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Dif-lock won't disengage


In Second Gear
I've got a '96 Defender 110 2.5tdi. Out of the blue, having been parked (in the cold, Austria) for a couple of days, the gears wouldn't engage anymore in normal drive; they only work with the differential locked. The dif-lock light seems to go on and off pretty much at will and there is also a metalic click when I take it out of 5th (engine off). Stranded in the driveway!
The difflock thing is a bit odd. Cold oil is known to make gear changes more reluctant untill it has warmed up a bit. Is there a grating noise of clashing gears which indicates clutch not fully disengaged? Is it totally normal with difflock on? It seems a bit like the linkages out of place.
When in normal (no difflock) and you select first or reverse and engage the clutch, I'm presuming you hear the revs rise but stay put? But you can drive only in difflock, then a halfshaft may be broken.
Re: Diff-lock won't disengage

Well, It kinda went "clunk" and was as good as new. Must have been the diff-lock fairy! Thanks for your help anyway.
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