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Disco 1 Front window misbehaving

Henk Coetzee

The drivers side front window on my Disco has developed a problem. It winds down fine, but if I try and wind it up from fully open, it struggles and sounds as though some teeth on a gear somewhere aren't engaging properly. I have found that if I then lift it a bit by hand, it will lift itself the rest of the way.

Any ideas on what this could be?
Had exactly the same on my 110, the regulator neded replacing. Fairly straightforward job - or it was for Charlie Denny, who did mine :D

Up to VIN LA part no. MUC2038
From VIN MA part no. ALR6474
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take off the door panel get about 18 inches of 4 by 2 place in bottom of the door try winding the window up and down the wood stops the window comming all the way down so it can wind its self up when you get the timber in the right position screw or glue or silicone it in place
very cheap fix and it works i have don it on 2 discos now
Hardly a fix is it? More of alleviating the symptoms until it can be repaired properly. Go for a new regulator. One hour job, start to finish.

Is that for a manual winder? I have the same problem on the one I've just brought but it's an electric windows. The window drops forwards and won't go up unless you lift it while someone else presses the button. Then it goes up no problem.
there is a quater circle that is spot welded and the spot welds break so it flops about and eventually falls off it has got teeth on it that engage in to the motor cheak it you can get away with pop riviting it but still put a 4 x 2 in the bottom for some reson you carnt get the thing back in the exact place costs hardly anything
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