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disco 200 won't start!?


In Third Gear
Hello all, My 1993 disco 200 will not start! Battery is fully charged, all leads/connections etc tight and clean. When i turn the ignition the dash lights up normally, but once the heater coil light goes out and i turn the ignition the last notch to start there is no response whatsoever. Lots of clicking relays though but no turning starter motor, no engine turning, no life! Being a novice i am somewhat confused. Any ideas / advice? Thanks.
Could be the starter motor.
Out of interest, did you experience intermittent non starts...even over a few weeks before this problem?
Cheers Harry. No trouble starting in the past, first time, every time. I have got the starter to spin so maybe the solenoid? I have been looking at a similar thead from late 2006 and someone there had tripped an inertia switch by accident!? Prior to discoering the fault i had been pulling the carpet and sound proofing out of the driver's footwell in order to treat some rust, maybe i have tripped it too?:rolleyes:


The plot thickens.
I was thinking about a possible faulty ignition barrel, but if the relays are working, that may not be the case.
Sorry not to have been much help, but stick around, there's usually an answer to everything in this forum, they're a good bunch!

Oh....and welcome to the forum.
The 200 has fusible links in the cable from the positive battery lead. They corrode !. There are several links connecting different circuits so you can have the headlights and instruments working for example but no drive to the starter. They are in a sheaf. May be worth removing the sheaf and cheaking. The connections get green copper oxide if they have got wet.

Best of luck George
It was the ignition relay on mine- next to the fusible links screwed onto the bulk head on the passenger side. Doesn't sound like the same thing on yours- i had no life whatsoever, despite knowing the battery had plenty of kick in it. Wouldn't tow start or off jump leads. Sounds more like the fusible links problem that everone else pointed me to last month.

On th other side- i've still not replaced the relay- am making do with a length of wire across the relay socket at the moment. Lucas didn't want to know about a replacement and i've been quoted for a new one at £30. Anyone on here breaking a disco 200 tdi at the the moment and happen to have this relay still about?
Thanks for the advice.When you say sheafs Georgepaul, do you mean the long corrugated hoses that all the wires seem to have been fed into? I couldn't see an inertia switch, am i right thinking diesels don't have them? I just tested the voltage ( at least it hink i did) down the thinnest wire to the solenoid, which i think comes from the ignition barrel, it read 0.04 V?!? Yet the voltage to it from the battery (thick wire?) is nearly 12V. Could that be significant?By the way Downes, i've been making notes on your thread from late last year and i'm going to experiment tomorrow if it stops raining!Savoy83
You need to use a test light and go to the terminal on the starter. That will prove whether you have a feed going to the solenoid when you turn the key.

No feed, look at the relay, wires or the ignition switch.

Lights up, then a feed and a faulty solenoid or a bad earth.

Check that first, then get back.

Chris / Templar,Thanks. I have managed to get the solenoid to switch, the starter to turn and the fan to turn so does this mean that the starter is engaging with the engine properly or does the starter turn the fan anyway? i..e is my starter working as it should?The fusible link wires (cheers georgepaul)from the positive on the battery had turned to green powder! But the engine won't fire up now? I am wondering why? So, given the story so far. I have a full battery, good connections all round, new fuse links, a clicking solenoid, a turning starter, a turning fan but an engine that won't fire? Any ideas?Thankssavoy83
Check for a feed to the stop solenoid on the rear of the pump. Turn the ignition on and see if it clicks when you take the wire off and put it back on.

Chris,Cheers. There is a full 12V to the solenoid wire and it does click when pulled offf and on. Haynes say that the 'plunger'sometimes sticks? What do you think? Thankssavoy83
Right Chris,I appreciate your patience. If the plunger is working, why in the name of all things landrover won't the ************ car start? The same question to any and everyone with an idea/suggestion, public transport is too depressing a prospect.Regards allSavoy83.
Thanks to all of you for your help and advice. The Disco is running well, although further inspection reveals a slow battery drain AND it still runs when the negative terminal is disconnected from the battery! ?I think i'll leave that for another day though. Must go now an re-introduce myself to my wife and kids! Thanks again.savoy83.
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