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Disco Series 2 TD5 engine cuts out


In Second Gear
I was hoping someone may be able to help me, we were driving along and all of a sudden there was a loss of power and and the engine just cut out. This also happen 3 weeks ago. I did thenwas turn the engine off wait a short time usually cursin during this time and then the engine stated again. I have taken ot to a dealer and because it was friday they had no time to fix it but he suggested it was the ERG valve. My problem is that i have to go on a trip tomorrow which is 200km where we climb 6000 ft through winding roads as was wondering if the damaged? broken ERG valve would hurt the engine

any helpor suggestion would be appreciated

A failed EGR valve will not cause the engine to cut out,it will cause black smoke,low power and poor performance.Did the engine actually stop or just go back to idle and refuse to rev ?
Its not an EGR fault,sounds more like poor fuel pressure from a sick fuel pump or possible electrical fault.Dont think its the normal "driver demand" faults associated with a damaged throttle pot - they normally cause the engine to go back to idle and refuse to rev.
I would suggest a fuel pressure test,whilst driving a good distance,after that a session on testbook to read codes and do live data whilst driving too.
Turn ign on and stick your hed down by the drivers rear wheel and you should hear the pump running if not its dead, mine got really noisy before it died.

Just to let you all know the old girl gave up when we reach our destination at 6000 ft and 200 km from home and had to be carried her back to town. We subsequently found out it was the diesel pump as you all suspected cheers and thanks
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