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Discovery starting problem


In Second Gear
Can any one shed light on this?
Most of the time my discovery 1996 tdi starts perfectly, but around 5-10 % of the time when I turn the key to start nothing happens. No starter motor movement at all. sometimes I turn the key back and it will then start, other times I will try It 30 times before it starts.

It always starts eventually but is getting worse. It is normally ok from dead cold.

It has had a new ignition switch approx 4 years ago.
Howsit. Sounds like a contact problem? most likely on the starter motor. have ya all the lights on the dash when you turn on the ignition?
It does sound like classic 'immobiliser spider' symptoms but I should check the wires on the startermotor first - check them for corrosion and check that they are not loose.
They might just need cleaning or tightening up.
Similar problem on my Dads disco it started about 75% of the time then about 50% until it stopped altogether. Turned out to be the starter motor. Did'nt take apart the starter motor but might have been the brushes slowly wearing down to nothing - with only a little bit of the brush left this might account for the irregular starting.
Try this site http://www.landroverdiscovery.net/. Click on technical and go to the immob' spider unit bit. It gives a full description of how to sort it out. I had to do mine about a week after getting the car. It started going like yours, would work half the time then stopped altogether.

You can get the spider bypass from a LR dealer the part number is LAMR4956 and cost me at the time£5.24.
Although the spider is a likely culprit. I would make sure the low current 12v lead is clean on the back of the starter. Had a NA diesel 90 with a leaking exhaust, which blew soot onto this wire and caused it to short, resulting in the solenoid not energising from time to time. An easy one to check before pulling the dash apart.
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