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does this difflock selector look wrong?


In Second Gear

My difflock is broke on m 200tdi so I figured it had seized up. I took my centre console off and had a look but all the levers etc seem fine but the little selector seems to stick on one of the housing mounting bolts when I try to move the lever to the left.

On diagrams I've seen of the difflock mechanism it always seems to point towards the front of the car but mine is pointing towards the front left wheel.

Have a look at the pic - the bit I'm on about is the shiny part with the nut on top - is this in the correct position?

Thanks for any advice.


  • difflock.jpg
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In case this is of use to somebody, it was wrong - it was reassembled by a moron.
The selector should point directly forwards when difflock disengaged and should turn clockwise (looking from above) to engage difflock.
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