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door locks


The last few days I have been having trouble unlocking my drivers door. If I climb inside from the passenger side and lift the button it works ok but the key just wont turn it. This is an intermittent fault and it actually locked while I was driving the other day and the button inside wouldnt work then when I reached my destination. Any ideas chaps???
Might might not be.....:D

Have a look at where the internal button locks the door. Is it sticking there.
I stripped my door out. Checked all links and everything worked fine for a week.
Then I put my door card back on :eek: The door wouldn't lock or unlock.
Then I noticed that the push button was being held by the door card.
Try some WD40 there and see what happens.

well the door panel has been off for about 3 months now (I believe my hubby was wiring my alarm but dont quote me:D ) I had wondered if I had bent it but having looked at it I dont think it is bent so will give some wd40 a try, I have plenty in the back and it certainly cant harm I dont think. Thanks ;)
Yep I had a lot of trouble with my drivers door lock.
I asked on various forums,not here, but nobody came up with a sensable answer. So I found it myself and then found others had kept quiet about it.
Make sure that the bit behingd the button is clippen in place correctly.
I'm a mechanic,not a body repairer.:p
Well I just bought a new button for it so will give it a ggood old squirt and try make sure everything is straight before I put it all back together. Thanks for the help:)
i bought a britpart dorrhandle complete for a tenner off ebay. bolted it on and hey presto. but fiddly changing the locks though. gotta push a pin down in the barrel.
Mine played up the first day from new. I found that if I depressed the external button and slid my thumb off so it flicked back out, for about 10 times this fixed the problem.

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