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Door mirror replacement - best way?


In Second Gear
My son's Defender 90 had the driver's door mirror snapped off by some vandal, and he has bought a complete replacement mirror, spring arm and base. I have strongly suggested that he does everything to avoid having to take the door hinge screws out to put the new one on, having read all the horror stories about hinge screws. But equally valid is his reluctance to try to split the new mirror arm at the spring hinge, as he thinks it will difficult/impossible to get the new arm onto the old base and the springs re-tensioned. Anybody any ideas on what is the best way of doing this job??

the hinge bolts are held on by nuts inside the door card , remove card just behind the hinge to reveal nut , remove nut with 13 mil spanner and the hinge should come away from the door.
you can then remove the bolts holding on the mirror.
dont try and remove the hinge from the bulkhead side as these bolts are harder to undo..
Mr Haynes says its a ' one spanner ' job...

"Undo the retaining screw, and remove the balljoint clamp from the base of the mirror. Lift the mirror assembly off its mounting bracket"

Retaining screw in the pic looks like its underneath the mirror....

If you want the whole mirror assembly off, then its a 'door off' scenario....

As usual, "refitting is the reverse.." :)
Thanks guys. I will pass the wisdom on. Unfortunately he is 100 miles away at university and has to do the job in the street with limited tools, so I hope he doesn't end up stuck with a door half off and no way to fix it!
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