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Drilling out the ignition Barrel


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Anything special I need to be aware of to drill out the ignition barrel of a Classic LSE? The key in mine now wont turn the ignition, it just feels like its the wrong key even though I know it is correct.

This did happen before but after jiggling it about for a while it just seemed to be okay again. That was a few months ago & I had forgotten about it, just recently it took a couple of fiddles to get it to turn and tonight I have spent about 2 hours at it.

So I plan to buy a new barrel & key off ebay and drill out the old one.

Just wondered if anyone knew if there was anything to watch out for before I get the drill out?

Eh , i think you may have some trouble with this one :( .
As far as i can remember the key needs to be put in a certain position and then a bit depressed with a welding rod to release the barrel . You are going to need a fair size of drill to shave all the metal away - it may be difficult to achieve this without damage .
Car thieves drive a self tapping screw into the key hole and then use a slide hammer to shear the barrel out - at which point the switch can be turned with a screw driver ;) .Not just sure whether this causes ireperable damage to the housing or not .
Best bet is to find one in a breakers that have kept the key - hack saw the shear bolts through and then put the whole shooting match onto yours . Whether you use new shear bolts or not i can't see it making a hoot of a difference .There is a guy advertises in LRO who breaks rangies - odds on he may keep the keys :) .
Cheers for the comments, I guess its a complete switch then. I have seen them advertised for about £50 so it aint as bad as I first thought. Better remember to spray a bit of wd40 in the barrel in future and learn from this one.
For info:
Just had a similar problem. Calles CWS and they have some Old New Stock. Paid £100 for new ignition switch assembly, 2 door locks inc handle mechanism and a tailgate handle all with matching barrels and 2 keys.

A bargain I thought.
Was thinking about this today for some reason . Thing i forgot to maybe mention was that the steering lock is tied into all this somehow :eek: . Even if the barrell was to come out you would need to be very certain that the steering lock wasn't going to engage while you were driving :D .
Cheers for the info guys. As some of you said it seemed to be a lot more of a job to drill the barrel than I first looked at. I ended up just buying a new(2nd hand) switch assembly from Jibs ebay shop and called in to see him Saturday morning. I can recomend this guy for all the help he gave me. I ended up with the ignition switch, NSfront elctric window motor & the glass for the ns rear door all for £20

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