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Drive Belt Problems


Shifting Up
Replaced my original drivebelt about 6 months ago with a Britpart one.. The other day it ripped 2mm off one edge and wrapped it self around the pulleys.
I fitted the original until I could get another one. This ran fine but power steering went hard at low revs.
I brought a new belt ( again britpart from LRC congleton ) and same thing has happened to this one but in sorter amount of time..
I have a lot of squeeling.. so I am looking at replaing bearing a tensioner, but why should it keep ripping the belt, but leaving the original okay ????
Do I need to perform the penny trick or is it something more sinister ?
Any Ideas ???

Sounds like something is misalined, maybe the tentioner pulley. Look down the line of the belt with the engine running and see if the belt runs smoothly through the tentioner pulley and onto the PAS pulley.
If it was still squeeling when you put the new belt on then you could be looking at the tentioner pulley bearing about to go or has collapsed (hence the belt being out line) and I would get it changed asap because it can make a mess of your radiator &/or fan if it lets go.

I always use Dayco drive belts as that is company who produce them for Land Rover so you are getting genuine parts without the Land Rover price tag. ;)
There are two lengths of belt fitted to the 300TDI engine.

Is something starting to seize up ? are all the pullies free to trun when the belt is off.

With the belt off check for play in the tensioner if theres no play then loosen the nut which holds it on and looking from the front of the car look at the tensioner asembly and if you imagine a clock face you need to insert a shim at about 10 o'clock, easyest thing to use is a bit of coke can, then retighten put belt back on and check if it still squeks insert another bit until it stops. Also when you have the belt off check all other pulley's for play/stiffness. Might sound silly but have you checked fluid level in power steering? Hope this helps.
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