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Drive train 'clonk'

Craig K

In Fourth Gear
As per my previous e-mail we have ended up with two Freelanders at the moment - the 2nd arrived today - but we need to sell the first.

It does however have an occasional 'clonk' which appears to occur occasionally, but predictably after going down a hill - when you pull away at the bottom.

I read on here about a rear diff mount? Is this a likely problem? How do I diagnose it and is it easy to fix?

It is a 2.0 diesel (not TD4) think it's about 2000 model with approx 35k on the clock.

Thanks for any input.
There are 3 mountings on the rear diff. One is at the front, next to the flange. They rip the rubber and the diff hits the body with torque reaction. If it has gone, the diff will move easily when you grab hold and push it up and down. You will see the torn rubber.

Yup...the front one is gone! Nice work Chris. Just unbolted it, but in to see what to do next - seems to me like the whole rear sub-frame needs to be dropped??
Should be able to do it by dropping the rear propshaft. We also detatched the exhaust pipe but we were replacing all three mounts.


Undo all the front mounting bolts. Slacken the bottom bolts on the rear mountings. Slacken the 2 main bolts in the rubbers. Take the 2 top bolts out. That wil let you push the diff back and twist, so the front mounting will come out. Put the mount back and the diff will fall into place. Take about 20 minutes.

Thanks guys.

Like you said it's just a case of dropping the two side mounts and then pushing the diff to one side - sorry no photos as yet.

Has anyone got any recommendations for a parts supplier?

I can't see it on p@ddocks website.

Many thanks
Hmm, I think we have the worst L/R dealer in the country - would take about 2 weeks if we are lucky if they don't have it in stock.

Will give them a try though - thanks for this.
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