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Driving on two wheels

I have seen cars with a stunt driver using a ramp to get on two wheels, but I must say that this and the speed it goes up is very impressive, a bit concerning as he passes a lorry on a motorway :eek: .

I am sure that you would raise some eyebrows by doing that up the M1 :D
summot looks a bit suspicious there. it just seems to fly up on two wheels without much swerving. he has obviously welded the diffs up, or has lokkers. in a landrover there would be two much body roll. you just slide sideways till it rolls over, ive done it!
Would it be safe to have a little go in my TD5, and if so what speed should I get up to before the 'wiggle'? Seems he was doing about 60mph. I think balance has a lot to do with it, it looks just like a motorbike when it's up, maybe as I am right hand drive I need to swerve left, that way I would be high enough to at least see the lorries on the M40 :D

I'll take the tool box out first or it could do some damage flying about ;)
You have to admire the fact that at night he uses his hazards. Because a jeep on 2 wheels is such a normal sight you might not notice the danger!
Surely it must be weighted heavily on one side or something has been done to get it to 'flip' that easily, it hardly swerves or wiggles and he is up on 2 wheels.

Pretty impressive driving though.

I heard from somebody who was at a New Years party in the desert near Dubai somewhere, it was a big BBQ/party with 4x4's driving up unfeasibly steep dunes and doing all sorts of tricks.
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