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How Do I? Drop Arm Ball Joint Assembly


In Fourth Gear
Finally got the wright drop arm to fit my recon box.

Apparently I've got a 4 bolt steering box with a 6 bolt shaft in it:eek:
It caused much confusion when the old one didn't fit. So I bought a new one which didn't fit either:confused:

Our local LR dealer said he had come across this before and let me have a second hand drop arm which needs a new ball joint kit.

Most of the bit are obvious but theres a rubber O ring a small metal ring and metal flange ring :confused: not sure what order.

Anybody got pic or link to assemble?

I can't find a picture of the drop arm with the ball in.:(

Anyway, fit the bush with the hole in, drop the ball joint in, put the other bush in, then the spring, then fit the rubber ring to the recess in the flat plate, (that's the seal) then the flat plate, seal side towards the ball joint, then press it all down and fit the circlip.

I drill the bottom bush and tap and fit a greaser to the plate, if it doesn't already have them.

Yeh that looks good :) but I've still got two extra bits not in the photo, a 25mm solid ring must go on the rubber boot and a larger ring about 3mm wide with a 3mm upstand on the inside:confused: - shall I just put them in my box of spares?!!
that last ring , i had one of these to , i think it is a spare 'lip' for the housing of the ball joint. i didnt use it.
the ring that goes on the boot should be flexible and possible made from what looks to be a spring.

the pic in the above link is a really good idea , i used some vice grips to hold mine in although my drop arm wasent attached to anything when i did it.

your best bet , if you are going to do your own mechanical jobs , is to get a workshop manual. it will save you money in the long run and they can be had for peanuts on e bay (check in motors 'literature' section) mine was 99p , if you google 'land rover manual' there is a site from which you can download them but the paper ones are better.
The last kit I fitted had the circular spring arrangement to keep the boot on the drop arm, but it's forever coming off (releasing the boot and letting crap in) and needing reseating. I've got a spare kit which hasn't got the spring but what appears to be some type of circlip for the boot, looks like it should be much more secure. TEMPL4R's suggestion of adding a grease nipple to the bottom plate sounds a good idea.
My work manual don't show a disassembled ball joint, just shows the drop arm complete. Anyway I've done it now, thanks everybody for your input :) just hope after all that its the right drop arm for my mix and match steering box.:D:D:D
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