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Dropping Suspension D2


Shifting Up
I have a TD5 02 facelift model, why does the rear suspension drop over night yet when i leave the car at work for the same amount of time it doesnt drop
You will probably find it is more to do with how the car is parked rather than how long it is parked for.

Mine started to do this overnight, but to start with just on one side. It then started to happen during the day and finally, before i did anything about it, it started to happen whilst i was on the move.

It was a series of small holes around the bottom of the air spring, where it folds over under normal height. Some stones and other crud had got into the fold and punctured the spring.

The way your vehicle is parked will affect these holes, sometimes filling them, sometimes not.

I would suggest you raise the disco to off road height, which will unfold the bottom of the spring and rub some soapy water around the bottom which should give you a good idea how holed they are.

On the brightside, they are very easy to swap, with a 10mm spanner and a screwdriver (IIRC) needed to change them over.
paddocks were advertising them at £80 ,I got a britparts one recently for that price . It is exactly the same part as a genuine one with the same makers name and part no without the l/r logo but it is £100 cheaper than the dealer
If you order one, don't forget to get the two clips that attach it the the top of the spring mount. They rot away, but only cost pennies to replace.
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