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How Do I? Electrical Advise. What wire should I use?


I need to replace the constant live wire to the relay for my Wipac 100w Spot lamps. What rating of wire should I use, Amp etc? Also I will be fitting some air horns and again what rating of wire should I sure to the relay.

Does anyone know of a good reliable website where I can order vehicle wiring products?

simple way of working it out is

Power = Volts x Amps or for your question Amps = Power / Volts

current will be 100 / 12v = 8.3 Amps

If you have 2 100W spots then you'll draw twice as much curent 16.6A.

You could get away with using 20Amp cable but i'd go for 30Amp or 35A to be safe so that 4mm2 i think and make sure you have a good earth
Thanks for the info. They are well earthed at the moment; its just the constant live doesn't seam to be working at the moment. I ran a temporary wire from the battery to the relay and it all works fine so I was going to install some of the correct wire this weekend. Thanks
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