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Engine animation

Thought this was interesting sure make it look easy :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMKbRIlzmic

You're right, it is interesting and would make a superb educational tool if you could slow it down a bit and add a commentary. One of the best animations I've ever seen of the infernal combustion engine.

How it all goes together is interesting too - that's how Templ4r gets his engines to assemble you know? All done by mirrors and little green men - he's a martyr to magic potions. :D

:eek: Roger...Shhh :snhnsn: How can I get £200 an engine when people know how it's done....:wizzard:

Heather thinks I'm in the Ku Klux Klan, some Woman told her I'm a Wizard under the sheets....:rolleyes:

I cant see the video due to my slow connection speed, but if its the one of a 4 cylinder petrol engine assembling, then showing it working via cut-away sections, then its available as a screensaver for your computer.

Do a search for "deutz engine" screen saver, its going around as is free to download.
A dumb question here for ya..I've just downloaded the screensaver, but its not showing in the display properties screensaver bit. how do I get it there?:(

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