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Engine number query


In Second Gear
Hi there, now i know this may sound daft but I am about to purchase a used disco - N reg which although we haven't been told so by the dealer and the hpi and other checks dont declare it we know to be an import - spec not right for UK and it has a european tow bar fitted. However the V5 states correctly that it was first registered on 1995 and first reg in Uk in 1995 (full dates match) but and heres the BUT
The V5 usually shows 3 previous keeper (2 previous and a present) but this one doesnt so 7 years are not accounted for ??
The main query is that the engine number is down on the form as NOT DECLARED, now Im worried about this but on the other hand if the dvla are ok with it and they must be to issue a v5 should i worry ?? Please help I am supposed to be picking this car up tmrw and dont know what to do now

Dawn :(
Hi Dawn

welcome to the forums.. enjoy your stay :)

As far as I remember, there should be an import certificate declaring the original country of manufacture, and proof of mileage.

I can't remember the organisation that issue these, as its been a while since I checked my old car.

Also check the engine number. the disco engine prefixes show whether its a 200tdi or 300tdi.

Someone will be along shortly with more technical info. :)

If you still feel suspicious tomorrow, walk away...

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is
thanks for that steve, as i said im just a bit worried that the engine number isnt on the v5 but then the dvla are so ....
also the dealer didnt tell me it was an import a friend found that out from a dealer friend of hers - the spec and tow bar were the give away, europeantow bar, no bullbars or sunroofs, it is a 95 though the chassis number conforms to the ma for 95 makes so thats good but ..........
any idea why the dvla allows car engine numbers to be not declared when they are apparently so important - its drives beautifully by the way
The DVLA has to allow no engine number blocks as not all blocks ude for rebuild are numbered.

Have you actually checked for an engine number.

Right side of engine. Near the injection pump. Stamped on the cylinder block top face.

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