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Engine number query


In Second Gear
Hi there, now i know this may sound daft but I am about to purchase a used disco - N reg which although we haven't been told so by the dealer and the hpi and other checks dont declare it we know to be an import - spec not right for UK and it has a european tow bar fitted. However the V5 states correctly that it was first registered on 1995 and first reg in Uk in 1995 (full dates match) but and heres the BUT
The V5 usually shows 3 previous keeper (2 previous and a present) but this one doesnt so 7 years are not accounted for ??
The main query is that the engine number is down on the form as NOT DECLARED, now Im worried about this but on the other hand if the dvla are ok with it and they must be to issue a v5 should i worry ?? Please help I am supposed to be picking this car up tmrw and dont know what to do now

Dawn :(
Could be from Ireland.

If you know the chassis number, some of the Lads on here can decode it for you, they might give some idea where it came from.

Firstly, don;t worry. If you have provided the reg number and VIN number to HPI before you pick the car up and they are showing it as clean, you are covered by their guarantee.

If the dealer has provided the HPI check, to be honest I would do my own separate check for peace of mind. You can do it straight away on 'tinterweb and for £30-odd it has to be worth it.

Otherwise, I wonder if the 7 year gap is when it went to Ireland / abroad, and was not registered with DVLA at all during that time? ie no-one told them ... ?

If you want to PM me the VIN, engine number and any other details you have, I can probably give you back a fair bit of info about the Disco!
Hi Bernie, thanks for that, I dont have the engine number on the v5 and obv the car isnt in my possession yet. It was registered in the uk in 95 and first reg in 95 dates matching, i though v5 held the last 3 owners as in one present and two previous but my other car doesnt so ..... Our local "friendly" landrover dealer says it is an import though so I'm confused, really confused and dissapointed as its lovely to drive and nice and clean but no history - i was told there was fsh, but he hasn't got any at all
sorry i dont know how to pm you
Doh sorry you need more posts to pm, you can email me [email protected] if you have any of the numbers at all. You can ask the dealer to provide those numbers on the phone before you go pick it up, just tell him you want to check them out. if he is bona fide he shouldn't have any reason to refuse you.

Think you are right about the V5 it only gives details of the last owner?
a lot of re-con engines have had their engine numbers ground off.
perhaps thats why it has no engine number on the v5.
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