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Engine picture request


In Third Gear

I'm a bit of a Landy virgin and and currently looking for a 1990's Defender 110. Unfortunately I'm not entirely sure what the engine bay should look like with either a 200TDi or 300TDi engine as supplied from the factory.
Would anyone be kind enough to post a picture of a 110 engine bay?

here's a 200tdi


  • 200tdi.JPG
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Thanks Guys, exactly what I was looking for. At least now I know what a clean engine should look like.
I've only viewed one defender so far but the engine looked like it had overheated at some point in it's history. There was a general rusty-red colouring on the block and some pipe work. Also the coolant reservoir cap was held in place with electrical tape. May it have blown off andtaken the threads with it?
Also, when looking at these engines, how much oil is acceptable to see leaking? I mean should there be an oil drip waiting to fall from the lowest points?
Mine has quite a high mileage, but has no actual leaks (in as much as you can see where some oil might have been, but its not there any longer!).

I would think that an occasional drip is acceptable, its probably more important as to where its coming from...

A leaky sump drain plug just needs a new washer... oil dripping from a big crack in the block would be more of a concern(!)...
Leaks that would worry me would be from power steering, gearboxe(s) or diffs/axles...

If this one has had a single occurence of overheating and its left a few rusty stains on the engine, then thats not too bad. But I would leave it on tickover for as long as possible (while you have a good crawl around underneath etc?) and see if the temp is OK. Also, try to take it on a reasonably long test drive so that it reaches normal operating temperature and see what happens...

There could be reasons for overheating that arent too serious, but by the same token it may be a warning of something more serious, or at least maybe just poor maintenance.

Not a reason not to buy it, but a reason to be cautious...
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