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engine rebuilds


Not doing this but just wondered what the answer is.

If you have an engine rebuilt is it then as new i.e a zero mileage engine? I've never had one done but the 200Tdi is getting quite high.

Most rebuilds are just the wearing parts such as pistons, rings, main bearing and shells etc. The head is usually a seperate item where the cam, valves etc are also replaced.

These are usually referred to as short block rebuilds. You still have to use the same ancillaries, such as starter motor, alternator, injector pump etc.

If you have everything replaced then these are usually referred to as a 'turn key' engine.

But yes in theory a rebuilt engine is or should be as good as new, all wearing parts should be renewed or checked to see if within tolerance. A recon engine should be run-in as per a new engine.
That's where my 19J will be going if I find anything wrong with it when I lift the head (and I expect to find cracked pistons).
I tell you what is nice; to see proper engineering still going on in Britain. That workmanship looked lovely, I hope those blokes are proud of their product and that some bunch of ignorant, MBA waving scrotes with an eye to 'maximising return', don't close it down, sack the engineers and sell the land to build a Lidl.

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