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Engine tuning a 1987 90


Accelerating Away
I have a 1987 petrol 90 and on the log book its says a 2.5 petrol

Well after a week of trying to fine tune it i now know its a 2.3... how did i find out you ask:rolleyes: ..

I have a auto data disk and after checking out the engine number i find its a 2.3 so i reset all the engine as a 2.3.

Well i now have a lot smoother,faster 90 than i did before..:D its like its just had a new engine fitted..

are you sure?, an 87 90 should be 2.5.

It started life as a derv and it was converted to a petrol before my mate got it (he had if for 12 years).
We now know why he had problems getting some parts for it.

Its a 2.3 as its engine number is 11h****6 and the info i got says it a 2.3

Tuned as a 2.5 it was a bit rough and gutless (yes i know landrovers arent sport cars) but it 150% better now it been retuned as a 2.3.

Even got the co down to the lowest setting i have on record or this engine.


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They probably changed the Fuel type and forgot the engine cc when they filled in the V5 details change. It would have been a 2.5 NA Diesel, wouldn't it?


all we know it was a derv and it was converted some time before my mate got it.

All the info i have says a 11h engine is a 2.3 (unless you know otherwise) and yes we think the same as you the cc part of the log book was not changed.

thanks chris

I could have a petrol head on a derv block?
Very intresting reading

again thanks you have helped me out again.


Just thinking i could just change the head and a few other parts and convert it back to a derv?...emm a bit more reserch is in order.
i had a petrol 2.3 in mine for a while , went like shat off a shovel , really, well for a 2.3 90 it did.
it had a Webber 32/34 dmtl carb on it from a 2.5.
the most temperamental and annoying engine Ive ever had , but when it ran nice , it really ran nice.
Afternoon all. Just to confuse things again, I bought my 90 which was first registered in Dec 85 thinking it was a 2.5 but found out it was infact a 2.25 however it had the webber 32/34 dmtl carb on it also. :eek:

Bomb proof engine and put up with lots of abuse from me before I took it out and swapped it for a 3.9efi. :D
get better
Carb has 2 solenoids and it a twin chock webber.
Mine 90 goes like stink now it been retuned. Only problem i had today was a flat n/s/r tyre and having a tube in it icould not blow it up just to get me to work

its not a twin choke , its only got one choke.
the 2.5 dmtl's were jetted differently from the 2.3 as far as im aware but they seem to do the same job.


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Thanks again all
I would have said twin choke by looking at it but then i ant had a petrol powered car in years.

Live and learn.

i think they are described as a twin down draft although I'm no expert.
they are brilliant carbs when they are tuned correctly though , id certianly have another.
Down draught is the vertical type of carb Weber and Solex, etc, side draught is like the SU, Stromberg or Weber 40..

Twin choke means 2 barrels. If it is something like a 32/34, it has a 32 mm primary barrel and a 34mm secondary or power barrel. This type runs on one barrel normally, then when you get to about 3/4 throttle, the linkage opens the second barrel.

You can tell which version you have by the direction the throttle shafts go. If it uses both barrels together, the shaft goes through the end of the carb and through both barrels. If it uses one then the second as a power barrel, there are two shafts through the side, with a linkage or gear set connecting them. ( as in the PDF)

The other type of twin choke uses both barrels on a common shaft. Weber 40s or Delortos, even twin SUs or Strombergs.



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