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English Channel today


Just thought some of you might find these pics interesting


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Excellent pics - extreme weather is awesome!

How did you manage to get them? Were you there? Can I have your job?
amazing isn't it what the see can do....

thats a Bulk Carrier,

I have to explain to customers why they need to strap up their cargo PROPERLY most do not understand, they say "thats too heavy to move" so.... pics like that make the point

here is some youtube stuff I found today..



Great you tube links, very good watch.

my old man was moving a oil rig (not permanet one, but one that just tested for oil) and it had three legs that would adjust and go to the sea bed. when it was being moved, the tug captain called up and said one of the legs had gone!!!! then while on the phone another leg went, these things are hug. must have been quite something to see.
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