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Wanted ESR415

The two hosed in the picture are 76 and 90 mm.. They have a spring steel coil of wire reinforcing and supporting them.. Should be good for the intake side as long as you can fit the right ends or fabricate some ends👍
Im planning to cut up the crappy aftermarket one I bought that has split and use the rubberised ends with new hose bonded on somehow.

That black silicone reducer on the bench I'm hoping will help me fit one of those rotary air cleaners to the top of the raised air intake.. But it needs a couple of adapters making as well...
Don't want the sands of the Sahara filling up me air filter🤣🤣
Ive got one of these on mine after the original metal cyclone went rusty;

I bought these from Revotec, it's an heat shrink with glue in those white rings inside, works really well and the glue is so strong your not getting it apart, designed for what your trying to achieve


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That looks good. I'm formulating a plan but in no rush.
Perhaps an orginal in really good condition will turn up. I had another search for my old one but Ive a feeling it may have gone in the bin as the rubber ends were starting to go a bit 'sticky'.
I made the (in retrospect) foolish decision to replace it with a new one instead of fixing it. Doh!

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