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Ex Military G Wagen


Accelerating Away
Before i start i know this is a landrover forum but someone may have the info i need !!!

After twelve months of looking at my mate Bills ex Kosovo 230GE BGS with that Wayne's world , "one day it will be mine" look .
He finally decided to sell "ODY" my faithfully 300GD turbo went and a fist full of dollars later its mine .
The plan is to show it a the MV show.
There are two gun racks mounted in the rear anyone know what weapon will of lived there ?
What equipment would the G have carryed when in service with the German military on UN duty's ?
Has anyone got any photos or information regarding G's on UN duty's ?
It all helps to show the G during this part of its service in the correct context ?


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Military Machines Nov 2006 did a big article on a G wagons in use by BRIXMIS observers of Soviet exercises during the cold war. Also featured a UN-MIX ex Kosovo G wagon. May be worth getting hold of for contacts.
Thanks your that Alex,
Sean well spotted ;) , this is that UN-MIK G wagen in the magazine ..
My mate Bill and and I rebuilt the Brixmis G that belongs to the Army ..
The hunt for history goes on ...:D


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My post wasn't a lot of use if you were the contacts!! Was an interesting article though.

Did a bit of searching last night to see how much G wagons cost, quite a shock and I thought Defenders held their value.
Thanks Sean , yep hold the value big time , even old ones in Germany fetch good money as for German wolf veriants wow ....:eek:
Fancy doing some MV shows which is the best organastion for me to join ?
any must do shows ?
Thanks again :)
Cliff, whereabouts are you based?

Two essential shows if down south are The Royal Gunpowder Mills in June. Nice very freindly show, I'll pm you the contact. The other is Military Oddysey which you already know about. We don't bother with Beltring.

There is also Essex Armour and Softskin MV group show at the bunker at Kelvedon Hatch 19/20 May, again v freindly bunch, hope weather is better this year.

Firepower have an start of season show and a Falklands show this year, don't know dates yet.

Other than these we do a few steam rallies which usually have an MV section (and best beer tents)
Sean , thanks for the information , I live in Dudley , in the West Mids but i dont mind a bit of travel :) .
Alex , Gs are addictive beware :eek:
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