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exhaust centre pipe

There's two posts on here that answer your question.:p

Overdrive for TD5

New Alli-Sport intercooler.

Have a read of both please :D :D :D
I removed the centre silencer on my Disco 300Tdi and fitted a straight through pipe, it improved grunt but only margianlly and increased the noise to such an extent that I re-fitted the silencer quite quickly.:D

I admit it did sound quite good, especially driving through built up areas and tunnels etc but I'm too old for all that now.:( Prefer the stealthly approach now.
Been there done that, Love the change!
Made a big difference on my TD but couldnt tell much difference on my tdi as i fitted it straight away. It sounds nicer anyway and thats enough for me. On a TD 90 its a small section so easily replaceable with a bolt in section but on others im not sure how easy it is to do without cutting the exhaust. There was a slight increase in power and she ran cooler. Im not sure where my tread is but there was more detail there.

have just found your thread HPLP cheers could only find the thread about the V8 earilier,i am putting a auto box in my TDI 200 soon and it looks like the midle box is going to hit.So was going to cut the box out and put in straight pipe that i have in garage,but i am more worried about the noise when the foot is down dont want it too loud
My centre box burned out on my 89turbo, cut off the flanges and welded in a straight bit of stainless. Nice deepish exhaust note at low revs, no noticeable difference when driving, then again its probably drowned out by all the other noises it makes. Very suprising that it didnt make much of a difference regarding noise looking at the size of the blasted thing.
We have had an upgrade to the MOT Computer System, there is now a RFR which says ( I can't remember the exact phrasing) " Emits more noise than would be expected of a similar vehicle with a known noise limit"

Basically, it's louder than we would expect it to be.

i think i will wait and see how close the exhaust box gets to the brake drum when i do a gearbox swop ,if its too close or hits then it will have to go.cheers all for replys
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