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Paul Humphreys

Extreme Landy Fan
My 110 started life as a TD now its a 200tdi. I have just worked out its a TD exhaust on it. So Is it worth swaping it for a TDi one or waiting till I need to change it and getting a TDi one then?

Also the TD exhaust slips onto the manifold and a clame, the TDi looks like it bolts on. So do I need a bit to go on the turbo houseing as well?

My brother swapped his 2.5na with a disco 200tdi recently, major difference in the diameter of the exhaust and was worth changing. I dont think there should be much difference in diameter between a 200tdi and a turbo2.5, so I would just get a 200tdi down pipe, unless of course the old tubo exhaust is looking tired.
I know that they are not the same, thats why I asked if its worth swaping. Mine is ok right now, but if it gives more speed/power changing it then I would. I am planning to do a side exit in the summer with no boxes!! So It will wait till then.

Before anyone asks, yes it will pass the MOT with no silencers:D

why not use silencers?
you will end up with less power and less mpg unless you tune the engine to suit and this may not be such a good thing either.
Engine has been tuned;) but the auto saps the power. So its lose the silencers so the exhaust gases get out faster and fit a bigger inter-cooler and re-tune:D .

I wouldn't worry, I'm running a 200Tdi witha TD exhaust, no difference. I've driven a 'proper' 200Tdi and it seems the same. There is a problem with the 200 exhausts as the back box is different and it catches mud and rusts off apparently!

Cheers, Ben
The other problem it could solve could the problem of a over heating starting motor. As the TDI down pipe has a heat-rap around it.

But looking in the parts book, theres not a lot between them. Might just get the pipe that replaces the centre box for now.

Makes sense to me Paul, replaced the centre box with a piece of pipe welded on to the old box flanges on my old turbo as the box was shot, gives a nice bark at low revs, cant honestly saw there was any increase in power which god knows I need badly and as you say with a side exit exhaust on the cards I think you would be throwing money/effort away.

The disco 200tdi has a heat sheild attached to the starter motor, have you got this on yours?

I don't remember changing my exhaust for a TDi one on my retrofit, and I've been driving round on it for a year with no problems.
I'm fairly sure the bore of a TD and TDI pipes are the same. the 10 and 12J systems were smaller though.

so paul i would wait untill you get a side exit no silencer jobby. :) thenit'll sound the part too.
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