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Extreme Landy Fan
can someone please show me a picture of a 19j turbo diesel exhaust system?
i just went out and spent more money on another exhaust that wont fit.
getting really fed up with this now , if i buy from a reputal dealer i end up with a load of crap that wont fit , so i go to a landrover breakers and throw more money away.

does anyone know where i can see a td exhaust so i know what im looking for?
thanks Alane but unless i have an exhaust as a template , or the vehicle with me i doubt they would be able to help.

can some one please varify this as a td exhaust?
even so called specialists in the busness for 20 odd years dont seem to know what an exhaust is.


The only diffence I can see is mine has a round centre box, also if your's was originally an NA the mounts are different so you'll have to fab up some new ones to hang it. I used some universal hangers from Halfords on mine which worked a treat.
in fact , if anyone has recently changed their td motor for a tdi then i have an exhaust for you and you have one for me.
its going back on monday though.
just had a quote back from MIJ in WALSALL birmingham, for a stainless side exit exhaust made and fitted with my choice of sound (of exhaust) £250....don't think thats to bad..
Mine was £479, but I was after a similar look to the rangey in thier gallery:D
I still think that was a fairly good price though.
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