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Explain the logic?


Big Landy Fan
SWMBO'd got me to get this old chair out of our loft the other day, I'd put it up there when we moved in.
Ugly knackered old thing it is and not very comfy.

Anyhoo, she rang me today, she said she just taken it to be completely upholstered.
The bloke is going to replace all the inards, upholster it and give it a good coating of scotchguard.
How much do ya reckon?
This old thing must be worth about a fiver.......


what, when, why,???????

Please explain to me the logic behind (certain):D female thinking
Me wantsis a picture of chair first or at least be more discriptive.
Does it have arms, made of wood if so what kind.
Sprung & padded or foam or loose filled.
Just right for in the sprogs bedroom for story time or looking like it'll sell via auction for an absolute fortune.
Have a surupticious glance at any wimmins mags that might be lying around the house incase she's seen one in there... but don't tell us if you do look.
Alice, I'll get a pic when it comes back to us, apparently it's a nursing chair. I just got bored of looking through E-blag for something similar.

It looks like an armchair that is very low to the ground and has no arms to it.

I wouldn't worry, she's heard me call her alot worse:D
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