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Exporting Land Rovers


In Fourth Gear
Hello all,

Just wondered if any of you have exported your L/R or R/R to France ?
I need to do both of mine now and I find I am in need of a European Certificate of Compliance. Has anyone applied to L/R for a copy and if so how long did it take?


Sorry to clutter your thread, 'cos I can't help you, but maybe you can help me. I am about to contact the Polish motor dept and try to persuade them to let me import Daphne without changing the steering over. I'm going to try the 'yes but you are in the EU now...' tack; so what's a European Certificate of Compliance? Does it do what it says on the tin?
Hello DaphnesDad,
The European Certificate of Compliance as I understand it is a document that shows the vehicle has been approved for use in the particular country in question. When I phoned L/R Customer Service in the UK I was given a number to call for L/R France. They told me exactly ( in English ) what the document was and what I needed to send them to get it ( even e-mailed me the form ). There is however a charge 0f 168 Euros to obtain it and at least a 10 day wait. This document is needed in France to re-register the vehicle with French plates.

I have no idea what the procedure is in Poland but try calling L/R UK they were helpful to me. Maybe there is a L/R Poland if so they would be your best starting point before you get too far bogged down in Polish red tape.

As for my vehicles being RHD it was not a problem at all.

I hope this helps a bit.


Fantastic, that's exactly what I needed, thanks! :) This is stage 1 in the battle to be the first right-hand drive motor registered in Poland... as you say, in the rest of the EU, not a problem. Cheers for the help! Good luck with yours.
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