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eyes towards the telly top gear

Well, have to say another fairly weak edition. They even said it themselves:
"Earlier in the show we were comparing the new Audi TT, the Mazda RX8 and the Alfa Romeo Brera (sp?) and we concluded.....well, nothing really"

Yet again they seemed to regard pi$$ing off the public as par for the course (pun intended!)
And in the SIARPC bit they've turned all Parky and started talking about "Your latest film/book/celebrity girlfriend....".
Hugh Grant even got a (totally non-car related) clip from his new film aired!
I just hope the series picks up soon and with a steep gradient. So far it's been a complete let down compared to previous series.
I'm wondering if they thought with the hamsters crash they might not be back so soon, therefore were caught out with having little to offer, hence we have had this rubbish thus far.

Lets hope it picks up soon.
I though it was watch able, but not great...

About the group test, I think they came up with the right solution. The Alfa in my book would win, but would you recommend an Alfa to anyone, I wouldn't. I don't really recommend getting a land rover for the same reason, I would help someone find a decent Defender, but it would still be there call entirely.

Hugh was funny, but don't come onto Top Gear talking about you latest what ever...

The problem they have I think is that so much was recorded before Hamster had his accident. The Group test was done ages ago, so the edge for them has been taken off it so to speak...

The reason for airing the new film clip for Hugh Grant, it was no doubt part of the conidtion Hugh placed on appearing.
I didn't know Clarkson was now hosting Film 2007! :eek:

What was all that about? next he'll be rating knitting pattens for cardigans and discussing how best to cook a Lobster ?

I like his dig a Peadies being the ones driving at 50MPH in the fast lane. that explains why they're all on the M42 of a Sunday afternoon! :confused:
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