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Fan belt tensioner?

Seen them on ebay occaisionally and yes it's a military part. Otherwise, try the usual ex mil dealers as stated in your other thread. If that doesn't work, totally strip it and go to a bearing supplier and see what you can get.
Sorry for what may be a dull question, how did you tighten the belt without this part? Both my alternators are fixed, with no movement!
Ahh Was wondeirng. Mines been chopped about a bit and has dual alternators fixed to a rigid mount. This may explain why the mounting plate has been modifed slightly. This is the only place I can adjust tension on my belt!

Joy's of previous owners :) Although must say its seems to have been cared for since de-mobbed!
The one i have looks the same apart from the hole in your old one has been elongated a bit more also looks like the flanges are missing on twin pulley.

If you want it its £10 + post at cost
Looking at the picture again i recon its a one off . Get a standard pulley and get it turned down at local engineering work shop. Just flatten it off and cut a grove the width of the belt , five minute job . Have a look in the yellow pages , i have done it and it normally only costs a drink for someone to do on a brake.
I think thats what I may do, im lucky enough to have a dad that just happens to have a couple of metal lathes and milling machines in his garage :)
your roller guide looks very simular to the timing belt tensioner used on rover 2.3 and 2.6 engines might be worth checking
This is the part that I removed because the bearing was knackered. May gat a new one one day but it seems to work OK without for now.


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hi again looking in the parts book shows the original 24volt pulley to have two v groves for a 90 amp alternator on the O/S of the engine, you have a none standard set up with twin alternators and a modified 24v tensioner nothing to do with timing belts.

Get an old pulley machined down flat or bolt a standard 12 volt alternator bracket on the N/S exhaust side of the engine and and fit a standard single high amp alternator and be done with it .
Well i Got a pully off a rover 600.. not the same but bolted up fine with a spacer or two :D So im back on the road again... Yay
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