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Fitted new indicator switch,possessed???


Hello all, fitted the above last week to my 89 90 and all went ok except for the fact that the trailer light on the dash flashes not the arrow light. Also the flash function doesnt work either. Anyway I could live with these faults until tonight when indicating while in a traffic I noticed from the refection on the back of the car in front that both indicator lights were flashing, ie hazards. This I cant live with.
Any ideas
Problem solved, installed a new hazard switch at the same time so I unplugged it and there was nothing. Installed the old non functioning hazzard switch and now the indicators work and the arrow light flashes. Faulty new hazzard switch which didnt function either.
Now to solve the flash function as Im on a roll.
Funny this!
I fitted a new hazard switch as the old one had fell apart!
Exactly the same as yours, trailer light flashing and both sides flashing!
After much head scratching and taking it in and out, I found that it worked perfectly as long as I didn't push at all the way home into the connector block, been okay since!
Very odd! But what isn't with old Land Rovers?
Strange machines not only you have to repair the broken items, you also have to repair the new ones:eek:
Suppose you dont have the non funtioning flash/courtesy light problem:D
OK, too good to be true, drove home tonight and my spots wouldnt go off when I dimmed, just the drivers side headlight glowed plus side light and indicator. I presume this is a bad earth problem on this side as I have the spots tapped into the live wire for the headlight on this side via a relay. Any one know where this earth is located, hadnt time tonight to look as it was too dark.
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