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Fitting 2 piece doors


Accelerating Away
Hi all, picked up a pair of old doors today (series 2 or maybe 2a, they have a chrome knob at the top of the sliding window)

Now these appear to be in really good condition and my plan was to use these in the summer by unbolting the tops and just leave the door bottoms in place

Is this easily done or is it more trouble than it is worth? (I do like the lift up handles too!), if I can rebuild them (they need new window runner felts) I might just change the doors permanently

They dont appear to have any locks on them though??

The chap I got them off also has a pair of Defender doors that did look in good condition for sale if anyone needs them?
ive just sold my defender doors and ive picked up some series bottoms , tops will come later.
as far as i know its a straight swap providing you have antiburst locks , if not , you need to replace the strikers as well.
worth noting that none antiburst locks apparently pop open from time to time with no warning:eek: .
some series locks didnt have key locking mechanisms and as far as i know could only be locked from the inside.
im still painting mine so im only going on what i have been told but lots of people have done this defender door 'upgrade' in the past. ;)
The passenger side usually has a knurled knob inside, next to the handle, to lock the door, but n o exterior key barrel. The driver's door has a key barrel but no interior lock.

The door tops are held onto the bottoms by two welded studs from the bottom of the window frame that pass through the galve capping and top edge of the door bottom. They are secured with large washers and nuts. As long as you keep the threads greased, it'll take minutes to fit or remove the tops.

Use the plastic channels from the Series III club to rebuild the door tops - they never rot and don't hold water. To fit these doors, you'll need the appropriate striker assemblies (two types - early and anti-burst), and the door stay assemblies (arms, bulkhead brackets, door fixings). The door stays operate very differently between SII and SIII. You must have SIII types, or you could use a length of chain or wire to prevent the doors from over opening.

Yes I'm very interested in the defender doors do you have contact details for this person please


Yes they are now sat in my workshop (he has asked me to deal with selling them as he doesn't have a pc), Condition not too bad, couple of small holes in the bottoms but easily fixable

open to offers


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