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fitting a 19J turbo in a 12J engine


Shifting Up
Hi! I live in Portugal and i´m thinking about applying a 19J turbo and manifold to my 2.5D NA 12J engine. HAve anybody done such a thing? what should i do?
- fitting 19J 2.5TD pistons and rings?
- fitting intercooler?
- fitting oil radiator?

Paulo as far as i know you are much better off buying a 19j.
putting a turbo in a 12j will mean its certian destruction.
12J engine + trubo charger = bang, crunch, drip, drip, drip...

The 12J has 23:1 compression ratio with relatively normal pistons, even if they are the toughened military spec. The 19J has 21:1 CR, improved oil galleries toughened pistons and heavier main bearings and big ends. The fuel pump is also slightly different in that it has an extra section that reacts to the turbo's boost pressure.

Though the 19J fuel pump, manifold and turbo will fit a 12J, it's a bad idea.
even if i change the pistons and rings?
Like I said, there are big changes to the main bearings, big ends, oil system and possibly also to the valves and seats. What I do know is that it will only work for a short while before the engine desintegrates.

LPG injection might be an avenue to investigate if you don't want to replace the engine - a small amount of propane injected into the induction manifold when high power is required acts as a catalyst, improving fuel burn, power and torque, without adversely affecting fuel consumption. there are specialists who do this on older LR diesels. It's common practice on heavy goods vehicles.
i knew someone here that had done that... 2 or 3 years ago, only applying the turbo and not changing anything else... i thik it´s too risky too, but it never brokes!
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