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flashing low cooling light


hi i have a 1990 classic.the low coolent level light has started flashing-but there is plenty of coolent in the system -what could be the problem.also the wipers have stopped working-the fuse is ok what should i look for with this problem as well.thanks in advance
As for you coolant have you checked the strength? Sounds silly but i know on the L322's it can make a difference.

not on a 1990 classic though. mine did the same thing the sensor in the cap is shot, to get rid of the light until you can get a new sensor pull of the 2 wires and connect them together.
yeah thats the usualll suspect also try cleaning the points up some times they become corroded and cant make a proper connection

does the motor make any sound when you switch the wipers on ? stupid question but if it doesnt check the linkage
I had the same problem on mine too, turned out it was due to air in the header tank as the cooling system was pressurising...
Check the contacts first though!
That's the chappy, did it on mine too, until it packed up altogether and the light stayed on. Had to change it as the warning light was too damned bright!
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