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For peace of mind


Big Landy Fan
If you discovered a young girl had plans to meet a young man (who she thought she knew) on Valentines day. Following a comparatively brief internet based friendship & someone had alerted you to the possibility that the male was a 'perv'.
Would you...

1. Place an immediate internet ban on child, restrict her movements & inform the police.

2. Carryout further investigations into why the warning had been given & deal with the findings to improve the immediate & subsequent situations.

3. Other.
Can site peeps work their magic on the options buttons please & make 1 (legal) & 2 (tactical) more clicky friendly.
During this topic today, a couple of thoughts poped up (as they do) One was.. how do ppl get put on the sex offenders register? Does there need to be a conviction or just an allegation?

Last nights news made me groan when they advertised a website that children are using atm to 'rate their teachers' which is obviously now going to increase it's ratings no end, in much the same way as when 'My Space' hit the headlines.

Crying wolf and slander are very dangerous things to be doing to someones life. Surely some incidences should be treated with discretion.
Internet is full of wierdo's but also gebuine people. However in this situation I would try and find out if the info was credible.. However young chick should never meet a stranger from the internet on their own.. Simple as

And as far as I'm aware you have to be convicted of something? Else im sure there would be a lot of innocent people on the sex offenders register!
It sure is a balancing act between logic & emotion.
My 12 yrs old talks to those 4 to 6 yrs her senior (older brothers & their friends) My partner is 7 yrs older than I. It's normal for age gaps in adult relationships & normal for the youth to aspire to behave as if older.
On the 1 hand I'd fear if she went out with a 14yr old boy but that would be considered acceptable & supposedly safer.
On the other, one cannot spend their youth being over protected and learning mistrust or manipulation.
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