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Freelander 2


In Third Gear
Hi, well here we are, after fifteen months owning a W reg. 1.8 Xei Station Wagon, we've just recently taken ownership of a new Freelander 2.

So what brought about this rash decision....a failed steering column followed shortly by a blown headgasket (ouch!) resulting in Mrs Nino having a total loss of faith in said Freelander and Nino quite a bit poorer.

Having spent a fair bit of time with our new found friends at Westover Landrover (excellent service) we were abe to take an early look over the new Freelandere 2 and were very impressed. We'd also been checking out some the opposition but frankly they didn't come close to the standard of finish etc..

So one month down and a tad under 1000 miles done I can honestly say we're really thrilled with it. From the new 2.2 Diesel engine which feels much better than the previous model (yes I've covered some mileage in a new diesel Freeander 1) to the ride, handling and comfort, we're not disappointed. The 4 mode selectable traction fascility seems to work well though haven't used it in anger yet.

To be honest I've been in two minds about posting this for fear of people thinking I'm being 'flash' for having this new model but my thoughts are that if anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them, though I'm not a technical bod.

All the best
I tried to follow a LR Experience one down the M50 the other morning - they don't half shift! ;) Had a quick shifty in one at Droitwich LR yesterday - looks like a nice truck.
I spent the afternoon yesterday at the LR Experience at Eastnor on my FREE taster of the new one. You get 45 minutes on road, including the M50, and then a couple of hours in the mud.

I was most impressed. Compared to my L series diesel they go like s##t off a shovel and handle very well indeed.
Off road was most impressive. Much less banging and crashing from underneath due to the slightly increased ground clearance and the new traction control "gubbins" seemed very impressive and easy to use. The controllable HDC is certainly much better.

Most impressed, but I won't be spending that sort of money at the moment.
Couple of photos from yesterday.


  • Freelander2 022.jpg
    Freelander2 022.jpg
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  • Freelander2 007.jpg
    Freelander2 007.jpg
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Sweet - I did the same thing in a Disco3 at Eastnor a couple of years a go; same time of year. Amazing what the standard vehicles can go through with road tyres/no underbody protection etc.
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