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freelander key/fob update.


hi all,as i discussed in another thread i recieved the freelander with only 1 key and fob (don't previous owners annoy you? - it's probably sat in someones drawer!) anyway luckily:rolleyes: ? for me my dec 2001 model is fitted with the key that has a transponder in it and a locksmith can't supply as it's dealer only.:eek: . £33.50 for the key and approx??? the dealer says £30 to code it to the car. i suppose the good thing to say is that security wise land rover seem to be very well up on possible theft as i have to take my v5,passport and a utility bill just to order a key!! either way i suppose around £80-£100 is a small price to pay if i lost the other key and had to re-lock the whole car.but just a pointer to remember in future,before you habd over the folding stuff make sure you've got 2 keys as the car you thought was cheap at the price you negotiated ends up costing you the price it was up for in the 1st place!!
i've got the same problem.. when I bought my 1.8 it was only sold with 1 key and fob... so i've contacted the previous owner off the logbook to see if they have it, he thinks he has, and is gonna have a look and get back to me.... worth a try! before splashing out the cash on a new key & fob
rickyrooo, i just ordered a spare key for my 2001 td4 last week, it costs 33.50 and comes from bmw in germany, off the vin no.
key dont need to be programmed, so garage might be tucking you up, check out Bearmach thats where mines coming from,,,

orsons.....:( :( :( :( :( :(
hi,yeah orsons i ordered mine on saturday and the guy i saw "in the flesh" said the same, seems the one i spoke to on the phone was full of sh!t lol,anyway i ordered it takes upto 10 days.
Hi all

newbe help!

I am having a similar problem with a 2002 freelander which i have just got. It only has one key and an alarm key fob. I have conctacted land rover and they are quoting me £150 - 200 for a new key and are adviseing that all keys need programming. Another dealer is quoting £159 + vat. Has anyone got any contact details - email adresses or anywhere else i can try asd really dont have that sort of cash at the moment. I live in the middlesex area.

Thank you all for your help.
I have the same problem with just one key and fob with my 2002 es auto and I would like to get another key but the dealer price is to much.
I live in Cheshire.
Thank You.
I am in Australia with 1998 vintage FL and so far have been unable to establish what is really going on with those FOBs. One version of the story is that the FOBs do not change at all, instead the vehicle is put into 'learning mode' using the testbook 4. I have asked a private landi wizard here in brisbane to try and program some old fobs from other vehicles to my car. He did not succeed, but I believe he may not have been to bright either. He was telling me my ABS was defective and not responding, but my landi does not have HDC fitted, hence no ABS. That is obvious once you look at the stick. He was able to re-sync the original fob, though. When that one died I had no choice but to go to the local dealer. That was a major rip-off. They told me that they were able to sync the other fobs. When I picked up the car, they provided me with (and charged me for) an unwanted physical key, then mumbled something about "needing the bar code". ==> If in Brisbane - avoid Austral Landrover. There also seem to be fobs with different wave-lengths, but the UK and AU ones should be the same.
I have also consulted the RAVE on how to sync fobs, but no success.

Can anyone describe in detail and first hand how the car to fob keying works for the freelander models?

To synchronise the pad after changing the battery, operate either button of the remote control at least 5 times in quick succession (in close proximity to the vehicle)

I would unlock with the key then press the lock button a few times until it locks.
Thanks for that. This is the procedure for re-attaching a key fob after the battery has been removed. However, what do you do if you need to attach a fob that does not originally belong to the vehicle. What I am looking for is the procedure that attaches a new or reused fob to a car. As far as I know, the car looks for a fob in a special mode, sends out a known signal and observes the response. This initial response is stored and later used to validate the fob. But I do not know if this theory is correct and how the procedure is performed in practice.
I am not aware at this time of a manual procedure which can erase and program fobs without the use of diagnostic/programming equipment.
there was 1 procedure i did hear about but in most cases it dammaged the chips in the control module, it involved disconnecting/shorting some wires.

if on the other hand you are replacing a pad which is no longer working and you still have the old pad then you can de-solder the ic chip from the old pad, de-solder the ic chip from the new pad and solder the ic chip from the old pad into the new pad.

If you live near glasgow i can program the fob for you with my equipment.
So, effectively what you are saying is that the FOB is actually altered in the process of attaching it to the car? What are the exact steps you are taking with your equipment when you program a FOB? This is the information I would be interested in. I guess many users would share that interest, given that there is so much secrecy about it. It makes it hard to assert how much and what sort of work is actually involved.
P.S.: In Australia, so it would be a long drive up for me to Glasgow. Maybe if I have a year off ;)
No the fob isn't altered in any way, what happens is i connect my programmer to the diagnostic socket then use the programmer to access the ecu and put the module into learning mode which erases all stored pads currently in the memory, then i press the lock button on the 1st pad then release it and wait until the programmer has said something like done or stored, if you would like to program another press a button on the fob now or press exit to finish.

the fobs each have a different code in them and this code cannot be copied or cloned into another fob.
but the chip which has the code in it can however be removed from a faulty pad and resoldered into a new/second hand working pad as the code is hard coded into the ic chip, this means that you wouldn't have to use a programmer.

you would only have to use a programmer if you are trying to add a pad which hasn't been programmed in the vehicle before or to remove lost/stolen pads from the memory in the ecu.
The secrecy is the fact that the garages/main dealers/auto electricians etc charge a lot of money for a procedure which doesn't require much in the way of skill or training and only takes them a maximum of about 2 mins to carry out whilst they are charging for their base rate time (minimum of 1 Hour labour) plus an additional charge for using their programmer.

It really is a very good way for them to screw a lot of money out of their customers.
there is one garage/main dealer i was told about who charges a customer £80.00 just for using the diagnostic equipment, i still can't get how they can charge that much and get away with it.
Ok. Som that is excatly what I expected. I was screwed over by two Brisbane dealers, including Austral LR. I just wanted to have this confirmed. I have a set of fobs and they send a signal at the right frequency, so they are alive. I reckon dealers prefer for you to buy a new fob at $270 dollars, instead of just connecting a $10 used fob. Very typical. Related questions: I assume the On-board Unit or ECU is a standard lucas type. What sort of programmers work with this besides testbook? The rave manual talks about the interface fulfilling the European On Board Diagnostics (E-OBD) 1/2 standard. Does this mean that (except for the connector) programmers for this standard have access to the fob reset? i.e. can a general shop with an E-OBD 2 prog tool reset the fob?
BTW, I have found the following cave-ats for programming plip in a service doc on the rover pektron ECU, which seems to be the one in use here:

Without an existing working Plip or EKA code the SCU module can not be placed into programming
mode. In this instance a new or re-manufactured module must be fitted.​
If a new SCU module is fitted it can only have new Plips programmed into it.​
Brand new Plips must have the matching 22 digit security code available to allow programming.​
Existing working Plips can be re-programmed into the SCU module without the originally supplied 22
digit security code being available.​
Used or second hand Plips are useless without the originally supplied bar code.

The barcode label supplied with a new Plip contains a 22 character security code. When programming a
Plip only 20 characters are required so you must omit the first and last characters.

In this case the security code supplied is N1AE93661040509568088/​
Therefore the 20 digit code used would be 1AE93661040509568088
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I assume the On-board Unit or ECU is a standard lucas type. What sort of programmers work with this besides testbook? The rave manual talks about the interface fulfilling the European On Board Diagnostics (E-OBD) 1/2 standard. Does this mean that (except for the connector) programmers for this standard have access to the fob reset? i.e. can a general shop with an E-OBD 2 prog tool reset the fob?

The ecu connects to the lucas 5as series control module.
apart from testbook there are several programmers capable of programming the remote pads.
the cheapest to buy is the T300 key programmer, which can be ordered from japan, the t300 will also reset the ecu, calculate the ekc codes, read fault codes, erase fault codes stored in memory and also program/tie in an ecu with the lucas module.
ps. it also can program lots of other makes/models of vehicles.
If you have a remote pad which has the part number 3txc or 17tn and is seperate from the key then you have a lucas 5as module, meaning you don't have any need for a barcode / 20 digit security code.

If however you have a freelander made after 2005 and you have a pad which has a key blade sticking out of it then you have a Pekron scu module, it is this one which requires the security code from the barcode sticker. incidentally a bmw made mini and the rover 75 uses the same remote pad.
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