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Front Caster Bush


In Third Gear
hi, i'm a noob in the forum i'm from Q8.

I just have one query onto where can i buy parts online mainly caster bush for freelander 03. because it got a rattling noise when cruising on small humps.

here in Q8 only from rover company can i get parts. is there any substitute for front caster bush for freelanders?
T'was checked by a mechanic and sure the front caster bushes are worn out and needs replacement but it's not available here in Kuwait.

Off Topic..

onto where can i get a bars (Hard plastic) with foglights for my freelander 03? please help.
I just replaced the front caster bushes and it fixed the rattling sound. the old bushes were broken that's why it's giving the weird sound from small humps before. Anyway hope it'll last. What to do to rubber bushes so it won't become brittle thus prone to carcks referring to the extremes of temperatures here in Kuwait especially during summer. some say put grease, is this the right lubricant for rubber bushes or there is something particular in the market?

please advise.TIA.:)
can you tell me where the castor bushes are and if they are hard to fit as i have a small noise going over bumps, from the front end, sounds like the same problem as you had, thanks.
Think it's in the front lower arm. You can easily check for cracks by opening the cover hatches. But taking out the old rubber bush are brought to lathe machine so as in fixing the new ones. removing and putting back the whole thing from the joint assembly is easy though but it's better done on a pit.

hope this would help.goodluck.:)
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